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Iowa Behavioral Health Association is a non-profit organization made up of nearly 30 member agencies that provide behavioral health prevention and treatment services throughout the state of Iowa. IBHA’s mission is: Better Behavioral Health through Education, Prevention, Treatment and Advocacy.

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IBHA Legislative Wins & Challenges Ahead

Lawmakers stepped up to address many of the challenges facing the IBHA provider community during the 2014 Legislative Session. Here is a quick rundown of our top priorities. You can read more detail on each in your custom Bill Tracker.

Substance Abuse Block Grant/Iowa Department of Public Health

  • No change in funding for substance abuse block grant ($22,015,329).  Of this amount, $18,903,715 goes directly for substance-related disorder treatment and prevention programs and $2,573,762 is to be used for problem gambling treatment).  Language allowing $950,000 transfer to DHS for Magellan contract remains intact.
  • Directs the Department of Public Health to work with stakeholders to review reimbursement provisions applicable to substance-related disorder providers, including adequacy of reimbursement, whether it is appropriate to rebase reimbursement, reimbursement equity compared to other behavioral health service providers, and the effect of health coverage expansion through IHWP), with recommendations due 12/15/14.
  • Appropriates $2.8 million in one-time funds to the Iowa Department of Public Health for a contract with the Iowa Behavioral Health Association to assist substance abuse block grant providers purchase electronic health records and data warehouse systems.  Funds can be used for bulk purchases and systems must be online by July 1, 2018 and comply with any pertinent federal requirements.  This will be done through a performance contract with the Iowa Department of Public Health, and language is included to allow for unused funds at the end of FY15 to carry-forward into FY16.
  • Another $800,000 is appropriated to the Department of Human Services for similar grants to community mental health centers, in amounts up to $100,000.  Those would be issued through a competitive grant process managed by DHS.

Click here to read the entire 2014 Legislative Membership Report.



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