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IBHA Membership Benefits: Products and Services

Advocacy for the substance abuse, mental health, and problem gambling, prevention, treatment and recovery field. Presence full-time, year-round for Iowa’s public policy matters.

Collective power of your colleagues working together for policy, business, workforce, training, purchasing matters, and more.

  • Help in doing your job.
  • Salary survey of the field.
  • Timely information and reports.
  • Timely information regarding state and national legislative issues.
  • Networking and professional development opportunities with your peers statewide in substance abuse, mental health, and problem gambling.
  • Advocacy resources for healthcare implementation at the state and federal level.
  • Electronic newsletters from the association and its national organizations.


Drug Testing: Sterling Reference Laboratories

  • Discounted pricing for members for urinalysis performed by Sterling Labs and for UA instant test results and lab UA testing services. Revenue sharing with IBHA.
  • Contact: Evans Calas, President and GM,, (800) 442-0438

Unemployment programs and products: First Nonprofit Group

  • 20% discount on program enrollment fees reducing the cost from $11.25 per FTE to $9. One-time enrollment fee capped at $1125; IBHA members pay no more than $900. IBHA members entitled to special fee for unemployment insurance products.
  • Contact: Cruz Mendez at (312) 239-8385 or


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