About Us

In the early 1980’s, the directors of substance abuse treatment and prevention programs in Iowa came together to support each other and informally advocate for the  statewide network of addiction programs that provided services to Iowans.

Their efforts became official in 1991 with the incorporation of the Iowa Substance Abuse Program Directors Association. Known as ISAPDA, the organization and its member agencies became well known in Iowa. They were able to propel addictions to the forefront and raise awareness of the need for quality treatment and prevention services. Through their collaborative relationship with the Iowa Department of Public Health, they were able to demonstrate with outcome data that treatment does work and prevention is effective.

Recognizing the need for quality training for the addictions field, ISAPDA developed an in-house subsidiary known as Training Resources. From the early 1990’s through mid-2018, they facilitated hundreds of workshops and multi-day training opportunities with the goal of supporting evidence-based practices in Iowa. Each spring, Training Resources facilitated the annual Governor’s Conference on Substance Abuse that drew nearly 500 people to Des Moines.

As ISAPDA grew, its membership began to reflect a broader range of behavioral health prevention and treatment services as agencies expanded and merged. In 2007, ISAPDA changed its name to the Iowa Behavioral Health Association (IBHA) to better reflect its providers and their services. Today, IBHA has over 30 non-profit provider agencies across Iowa serving all 99 counties.

IBHA’s Mission: Advocacy & Knowledge Sharing for the Advancement of the Behavioral Health Field.

IBHA’s Vision: The Iowa Behavioral Health Association is the leading voice to enhance the effectiveness and resiliency of nonprofit licensed / accredited organizations that provide prevention and treatment services for mental health, substance use, and gambling disorders.

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